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Cash Per Day

„Cash Per Day” is an application that allows you to easily control your daily expenses over a month.
Its only task is to inform the user how much money he or she can expend each day, after deducting the monthly costs.
The configuration comes down to enter the amount of money, for example, payments, and to enter the amounts that appear on the charges. Based on these data, the program calculates the amount of remain available cash and tells you how much money you can spend each day to avoid exceeding that amount. It should be remembered about entering each spent amount in the „Current Expenses" field.

The daily available amount is updated immediately after the expense is posted, and automatically at the beginning of a new day. Depending on whether a particular day it has been spent more or less than the program suggested the daily available amount for the next day may decrease or increase.

In the current version, the daily available cash amount is changed for the current day and for the days remaining until the end of the settlement period. With this change, the user is informed exactly how much money can be spent on a given day. If when it issues more than suggested program, the app icon will no longer display the available amount, while in the main application window the amount for the current day will be negative. Of course, with the new day, the program will update the available amount for this day and it will be presented both on the application icon and in the main window of the program. In addition, the current expenses incurred during a given settlement period are presented in the placeholder in the field for the inclusion of these expenses, thus giving greater control over the amount that has already been spent. The condition of the program in the manner described above is to "not kill" it, ie it should not be removed from active applications on the phone.

When you start the application for the first time, it assumes that the day from which you want to start calculating the daily amount is the first day of the month. If you would like to calculate from a different day of the month, just on the day you want to start calculating daily amount, press and hold the „Current Expenses" text field. When you press "OK" in the communication that appears, the current expenditure will be reset and the day of resetting will be the first settlement day.


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