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Cash Per Day

"Cash Per Day" is an application owing to which you can easily control your daily expenses, and even save money. Unlike other applications of this type, it does not impose on You the obligation to precisely calculating how much you spent, and to enter these calculations in various tables in order to lead statistics. In "Cash Per Day" this amounts to introducing the amount you have at disposal, and the fixed expenses, commitments, that you must pay. The owing to this data the app will calculate, how much free cash really is. The only thing to keep in mind is to enter all current expenses. They are enter in one place , and the application, based on the budget entered and fixed costs, will show You how much cash You can spend each day.

As I mentioned, there is no obligation to scrupulously account every penny spent, but this possibility exists. If you want to know, what and in what percentage your budget is absorbed, you can enter every amount spent according to the categories witch you create. Yes, created by yourself. The application at the start does not contain any categories. The owing to this, the user creating categories by himself, can personalize them for his own needs and settle expenses in the smallest details.

You are wondering how the application will help you save money?
And the how to treat savings like bills? So something you have to pay.
You will not pay for electricity? You will not pay for the cell phone?
Of course you pay, otherwise these will turn off.
So why not treat savings as an bills that you have to pay in a given month? By entering them in the app as a commitment, you forget about this money. The app will not show you this money as available. There is a good chance that at the end of the month, there will be a pleasant surprise after checking the account balance.
And remember, savings do not come from save large sums of money, but from the systematic of this save.

As I wrote in the first paragraph, the app divides of available cash depending on the set payment cycle, influence, and presents You of the amount allocated for each day. It tells you how much money can be spent on a given day, and how it will affect the amount available on other days. So in a situation you spent more money in day than is the program suggests, you will be able to immediately see how it will affect the rest of the days.
The settlement period may be any, from one day up to the number of days in a given month. So you can easily set yourself a weekly billing period.
Another added option is that you no longer have to remember to reset your current expenses. The app will automatically do this on a user-defined date and will notify you about it. Of course, the possibility of manually erasing current expenditures is also available. This is done by pressing the "Current Expenses" button for a longer time.

The first time you install an application, you will be asked to agree to receive notifications. If you confirm, the notifications will reminded you need to reset your current expenses, or to auto-reset these expenses. Additionally on the icon of the program will be display the amount that on can a given day can spend. The condition necessary to receive notifications is to "not kill" the application, leaving it active.

To use these features, swipe to the right on the main screen app. A window will appear where you can configure the application.
The first switch determines whether the current expenditure will be reset automatically or if the user will do it self.
The next item is the day in which the settlement period begins. Enter the day of the month from which you wish to start forecasting your daily expenses.
Then there is another switch you can set the settlement time interval. Position "ON" the switch means that settlements take place on a monthly basis, program calculates the available cash for each day depending on the number of days in a given month. Disabling this option will activate the field, where you can enter how many days the billing period is to last. In this situation, the program will calculate the available cash based on the value entered. Note that the calculation will start from the date entered in the box that specifies the start of the settlement period.
When you set the option to your preference, move your finger on the screen to the left to hide the settings window. Your changes will be saved and the calculations updated.

However, in order for the app to fulfill its task, it is necessary to set a budget and enter the amounts of liabilities and possible savings. Use the button available at the bottom bar of the main application screen to enter edit tab. After selecting one of these options, a window will appear where you can enter the amount and assign a name to it. The next items are added with push the "+" sign in the top right corner. The important information is that if you want to lead expenditure statistics, the fixed costs should be have the allocated categories. The owing to this, they will be included in the statistics based on the categories assigned to them. In a situation where statistics do not interest you, simply enter the amount in the fixed costs, without category.

Current expenditure can be entered in two ways.
If you do not care about the accurate settlement of the money spent, each expenditure should be entered in the field described as "Current Expenses". And that's all you have to do. They will be counted as a whole and this sum will be visible as a description in this field. If you press the statistics icon, you will see one item without a category where the current expenses and fixed costs will be accumulated which you did not assign a category.
In case you want to have an accurate preview of how much and on what exactly you spend money, current expenditure should be entered in the window which will appear after pressing the statistics icon. In this window you can add new items and assign them to any categories. Each entered amount will be automatically added to the sum of current expenditure and displayed as a description in the "Current Expenses" field. In this window, the amounts that were entered in the "Fixed costs" tab will also be included. Under each name of the category you will see a green bar indicating your budget, and there will be a red bar showing the share of a given category in the budget. For better orientation, this share is also presented as a percentage. Only such an introduction of expenses will give you a real view of how much and on what you spend money.
Of course, the option of entering current expenses in the main program window is also available. The amounts that introduced in this way will be added up without categories and as such will be presented in the statistics window. This can be useful for entering some one-off expenses, which you do not want to add the category.

Entries in the statistics window can be deleted in the same way as in the Budget and Fixed Costs window. The only difference is that deleting the category along with the amount entered into it will make the value deducted from current expenditure, i.e. the amount of cash available will increase. If you is to delete categories you the knowing that this may affect the accuracy of the cash calculation. In this window, you can not delete the categories and amounts assigned to them that were created in the Fixed Costs window.

At the moment, statistics can be maintained on the basis of a settlement period. This means that if the billing period is, for example, one month and the current expenditure reset is set to automatic, then the statistics will be automatically reset after the set billing period has elapsed. So, at the latest one day before the end of the billing period, you can check the current statistics. Alternatively, set the application to manually delete current expenses. The development plans of the application are to create the possibility of archiving statistics for later comparison.

I would like to ask you to evaluate the application in the AppStore. The comments will also be welcome. Thank you in advance for your time.